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  • Origina Diary Tamar 200ml


    Good news peeps, your new every day milk best friend is here!

    Formulated by using Australian fresh milk with imported high quality Dates concentrate this milk is special tailored for ORIGINA Lovers.

    Did you know, this Tamar Flavoured Milk is good for daily consumption as it does not contains any added sugar, preservatives and colourings and suitable for everyone!

    Need something to fulfill your daily calcium and nutrients needs? Why don’t try this?


    Our Specialities

    1. Innovative R&D using premium ingredients

    • 100% using imported Australian Milk which is specially tailored as Australian Fresh Milk profile.

    • Additional Saffron element to the milk to complete as Ramadhan comfort drink. Saffron milk is usually treat as calming drink as it offer varieties of healt benefit and warmness.

    2. No artificial coloring

    3. No artificial preservatives

    4. High in Calcium: Calcium support in teeth and brain development (crucial for kids’ development).

    5. High in Vitamin B3 (Niacin): is needed for energy release from carbohydrate, protein and fat. (Highly important as energy supply during fasting time).

    6. No SUGAR is added. Sweetness comes naturally from dates and raisin itself with addition of no calories sweeteners to lower the amount the total sugar content delivers to body.

    7. No cholesterol, colouring or preservatives added. Suitable for all age group (kids>2 years old).

    9. Good Source of protein. Complete 8% of protein requirement per day.


    Per 200 ml contains

    • Energy = 96 Kcal

    • Cholesterol = 0 mg

    • Fat = 0 mg

    • Calcium = 310 mg

    • Vitamin B2 = 0.26 mg

    • Vitamin B3 = 11.6 mg