• Jamu Aura Kasih

    Aura Kasih Jamu Warisan Modern is a fluctuating recipe that is modernized according to the needs of the market as a daily energy supplier to everyone. The potential produced by this herbal product must be highlighted as it is a heritage recipe that has been modernized and should be commercialized as a daily necessity and practice for every WOMEN and MEN for the daily nutritional needs of the body in order stay active, energetic & cheerful.

    At Aura Kasih which is so concerned about internal health and external beauty to its practitioners through the practice of taking herbal medicine. It can be practiced by every woman and man regardless of age limit starting as early as puberty and beyond.

    Good health and natural beauty will directly highlight one’s personal charm. After that, many consumers will try to get products that are free from toxins and harmful substances.

    MOH, MAL & JAKIM Halal Certificate approval proves that this product is safe to use and practice by everyone.

    Aura Kasih Jamu Warisan Modern is a 100% natural ingredient consisting of, 5 fruits and 2 types of herbs Pomegranate Vinegar, Dates, Passion Fruit, Orange Fruit, Pomegranate Fruit, Manjakani, Cinnamon Bark and White Turmeric. All these materials have been studied and researched previously and received approval from the Ministry of Health Malaysia.


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