• Round Carpet

    This circular carpet made from fine printed fabric and brilliantly sewn into petal shapes is a proud product of the talented disabled community of Malaysia. Admittedly, it does serve both purposes of fun and functional. Its combination of arbitrary and practicality makes it look more exquisite and definitely an excellent decor for your home.


    Diameter – 58cm
    Weight – 948 g


    Round Carpet

  • Book Cover

    The attractive hand-sewn book cover is made from fine printed fabric. Its intricate floral patterns will give your diary a stunning and retro look. Being unique and useful, this book cover is an excellent purchase for you or your friend.


    Height – 17cm
    Length – 12.5cm
    Weight – 210 g


    Book Cover

  • Pocket Tissue Cover

    This dainty lovely hand-sewn pocket tissue cover is made from fine lace material. What is unique about this pocket tissue cover is that it is both attractive and useful.


    Length – 11cm
    Width – 8cm
    Weight – 6 g

  • Ella the Elephant Doll

    The plush and adorable elephant doll is a handmade product by the skilled disabled community in Malaysia. It definitely can be a memorable gift for adults or children.


    Length – 26 cm
    Height – 16 cm
    Weight – 336 g

  • Tie Dye Frame

    This lovely framed multicolored cloth is the product of the talented disabled Malaysians. It is made using the tie dye method. The cloth is decorated with small beads and framed up for display. This decorative item makes an excellent conversation piece as it is a piece of art of the disabled who have put in so much effort, patience and dedication into its production.


    Height – 21 cm
    Length – 15.5 cm
    Weight – 96 g


    Tie Dye Frame

  • Bunga Telur Gantung

    Bunga Telur is an iconic symbol of matrimony in Malay culture. It is used to carry an egg that signifies fertility and is given to the guests in a wedding ceremony. This one-of-a-kind Bunga Telur is made by patching up small fabrics and sewn into a beautiful Bunga (flower). This Bunga Telur also can be customized into candies or potpourri holders which you can hang on your rear-view mirror. *Please contact us for the variation


    Length – 9.5 cm
    Width – 8 cm
    W- 0.008 kg

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